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The Instacart guide to Empire apples 

About Empire apples

Empire apples are a hybrid of the soft, tart, flavorful McIntosh and the firm, sweet, but less-than-flavorful Red Delicious. Taking the best qualities of each, Empires are full of flavor that's sweet with a slight tang. Their texture is juicy yet crisp, firm, and creamy. Many apple varieties are good for either baking or eating fresh, but not both. The Empire apple on the other hand is a versatile apple with a taste and texture well-suited to almost any purpose.

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Buy your favorite empire apples online with Instacart. Order empire apples from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Empire Apples

Modern storage techniques allow grocers to offer Empire apples almost year-round with good quality. If you're looking for super fresh Empires at the lowest cost, though, fall is the time. Empire apples are harvested in September and October. That's when they'll be freshest and most abundant at your grocer.

Empires keep well. They don't bruise easily, have a long shelf life, and are one of the best varieties for freezing. When you get your apples home, wash and dry them. It's best to refrigerate apples. A fruit bowl is okay, but refrigeration can keep them fresh for weeks—place apples in the coldest spot, preferably around 34 degrees. Sort through them every few days to remove any that show signs of spoilage, so it doesn't spread. Also, apples can pick up strong food odors, so store any onions or peppers on the other side of the refrigerator!

If you're short on refrigerator space, the basement can work, too. With proper care, Empire apples can last for months. Keep them in a cool, dark spot. Humidity will keep them fresher longer, as long as they don't get wet. Wrapping them in paper individually will protect them and slow ripening.

Empire apples have about 80 calories. Like all apples, Empires are fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free. They contain fiber to aid digestion and help manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Empire apples deliver vitamin C and polyphenols, which are both important antioxidants. They have healthy carbs for fuel, B vitamins for your brain, carotenoids and vitamin A for your eyes, vitamin K for your blood, vitamin E for your skin, and minerals for your bones and heart.
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