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About capricola roasts

Capricola roasts are a type of dried Italian meat that comes from the area of the pig between the neck and the fifth rib of the pork shoulder. This tasty fare goes by several names, including coppa, capicolla, gabagool, and capocollo. In fact, the word "capo" means head, and "collo" means neck, which describes exactly from which part of the pig that capricola roasts originate.

This Italian meat is often confused with another type of cured pork called prosciutto. The only difference between these two types of popular deli meat is the location on the pig where the original pork is harvested. Capricola roast is from the shoulder and neck, whereas prosciutto comes from the pig's hips or thighs.

Capricola roasts are made from pigs that are at least eight months old and weigh around 300 pounds. They are typically raised in the south of Italy. What makes this roast so flavorful is the amount of fat it contains. With a fat ratio of 30 percent fat and 70 percent lean, capricola roasts end up being tender and moist once they're dried.

Capricola roasts are actually a creation of Greek origin. Between the 8th and 5th century B.C., Greek settlers made their home in the Magna Graecia, located along the southern coast of Italy. After they settled, they made it their home bringing with them Olympic Games, stuffed pork sausages, large-breed pigs, and of course, capricola roasts.

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