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The Instacart guide to pork roast products

About pork roast

There are many different pork cuts available to purchase, including several different types of pork roasts. Pork roasts are popular cuts for baking in the oven or slow cooker, creating tender, delicious meals. You can cook a bone-in pork roast as is, while a boneless pork roast needs to be tied up before cooking for the best results.

Pork tenderloins are lean, flavorful, and moist. Also known as pork center loin roasts, the pork rib roast is a relatively lean cut that is slightly fattier than pork tenderloin, making them very flavorful and juicy. Pork loin chops and pork rib chops are both steaks cut from a rib roast. Butcher's create pork top loin roasts by tying two top loin chops together. A lean cut that is less expensive than a pork tenderloin is the pork sirloin roasts. Other names for this roast style include pork hipbone roast, pork loin end roast, and loin pork roast.

For a less expensive cut that still has excellent flavor, pick up a pork blade roast. These roasts are also known as 7-rib roast, 5-rib roast, rib end pork loin, and pork rib end roast. You can get blade roasts with the bone-in or as boneless. If you get one with the bone-in, carving will be easier if you have the butcher crack the backbone. Boston butts, also known as blade Boston roast, offer an amazing amount of flavor when cooked slowly.

A shoulder blade roast is a marbled roast that ends up flavorful and tender and is available as bone-in or boneless. The picnic, or arm, roast is an inexpensive cut that is often smoked and sold as a picnic ham. A crown roast is two center racks or ribs bent to create a "crown" when tied together. This roast is typically available via special order only as it is a more expensive roast cut. 

The perfect way to find a pork roast while saving time and energy is downloading the Instacart app to your smartphone. Same-day delivery is available in many areas, with some Instacart shoppers dropping off your purchase in as little as 2 hours!

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Buy your favorite pork roast online with Instacart. Order pork tenderloins, capricola roasts, crown roasts, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Pork Roast

First, you need to be aware of cooking times according to the type and size roast you're making. Do not overcook your pork roast, as this will cause it to dry out. Secondly, when possible, cook your pork roast with the fat side facing up. The fat layer bastes the roast as it bakes, keeping it from drying out.

The name pork butt comes from the barrels, called butts that pork was stored in during the Revolutionary War. It's also where the Boston butt got its name because they were a specialty of New England at the time. The pork butt name has nothing to do with where the cut of meat comes from on the pig. A pork shoulder is one of the four primal cuts of a pig (the other three are leg, loin, and belly) taken from the shoulder area.

Yes, plus it helps tenderize and baste the meat as it cooks, keeping it tender while providing outstanding flavor. Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, divides proteins such as collagen to soften the meat and give it a tangy taste.
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