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The Instacart guide to pork shank roasts

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FAQs about pork shank roasts

Since pork shanks and hocks both come from the pig's leg, it's easy to get these cuts confused. However, they're quite different in terms of location, makeup, and usage:
  • A pork shank refers to the front legs, and it typically has a good balance of meat to bone. It's usually on the lean side with minimal fat, and the collagen from the bone adds to the overall flavor of any dish.
  • A pork hock refers to the section on the lower part of each leg. It tends to be equal parts bone, collagen, connective tissue, fat, and meat. Pork hocks are much more common as flavoring agents than as stand-alone dishes. Many people prefer ham hocks, which are cured, or smoked pork hocks to add even more flavor.

Pork shank and pork shoulder cuts come from adjacent areas. Like pork hocks, however, pork shoulders and pork shanks have several key differences.

Pork shoulders come from the area just above the front legs, or the shank. Because this is one of the most muscular areas of a pig, the shoulder tends to be much meatier with less marbling. It can be more challenging to cook than a fattier cut like a pork rib-eye steak. In many cases, that means shoulders are some of the most inexpensive cuts of pork.

Some of the most popular methods for preparing shoulders are the same as those for pork shank roasts. For example, both are great when braised. However, pork shoulder can also be turned into ground pork, which means you can also fry, bake, or grill it.

Yes, you can keep pork shanks in the freezer for between four and 12 months. If you find a great sale price on pork shank, you might consider stocking up and freezing what you won't use right away.

When you're ready to prepare your pork shank roast, give yourself plenty of time to defrost it. Most pork cuts need a day to defrost in the refrigerator. Once it thaws out, it's essential to cook your pork shank roast within three to five days.

If you have leftovers after your meal, you can re-refrigerate pork shanks after cooking them. The USDA recommends enjoying pork leftovers within three to four days of cooking. When refrigerating your leftover pork shanks, be sure to store them in an airtight container or wrap them with a food-safe material.