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About coulotte steak

Coulotte Steak is a lean cut of meat from the hindquarter region of the cow between the loin and the round. The coulotte steak, alternately referred to as the top sirloin cap steak, derives from the French word for 'cap,' coulotte. The triangular-shaped coulotte is a muscle that covers the main body of the top sirloin. A coulotte steak is typically a couple of inches thick and has a thin layer of fat covering one side of the meat. This small amount of fat imparts some delicious flavor to the coulotte steak, as this lean cut is relatively free from marbling that characterizes other varieties of steak. 

Coulotte steak is notable for its rich coloring and soft texture. It is incredibly versatile and can stand up to marinating, grilling, and other preparations. Coulotte steak is known in Portuguese as Picanha and plays a starring role in Brazil's churrasco tradition of grilled meats. 

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