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The Instacart guide to hard fruit cider

Hard fruit cider has a long history that can be traced all the way back to Roman times. In the United States, hard cider was once one of the most popular beverages up until the Industrial Revolution. Many farmers and even their children would have a glass of hard cider with breakfast. Because the fruit from orchards would begin to rot if not used and the water was unsafe to drink for many of the early settlers, hard cider was the go-to beverage for decades.

During the Industrial Revolution, when people began migrating to cities and many orchards were abandoned, the practice of making hard cider was all but lost. It wasn't until the late 1980s that hard cider made a comeback in the U.S. This is the time when breweries and wineries began to revitalize the practice of making hard fruit ciders. Today, along with the popularity of craft beers, many people are also being introduced to the world of hard cider.

Historically, hard fruit ciders were created using apples and pears, but these days, you can get hard fruit ciders made with a wide variety of fruits. These hard fruit ciders are fermented using a similar process to the fermentation of beer without using any hops or gluten. Most stores that Instacart partners with offer a selection of hard ciders that you can conveniently add to your cart using the app. Whether you're in the mood for something tangy, sweet, or strong, you can find a hard fruit cider product that's sure to please.

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FAQs about hard fruit cider

Since hard fruit cider contains fruit, you may think that it's a healthier option than beer. However, both beer and hard fruit cider are alcoholic beverages. Therefore, they shouldn't be considered health foods. Beer typically has less sugar and fewer calories, but hard fruit cider contains antioxidants and vitamin C thanks to the fruit. Your choice will depend on the brand and other factors, but both should be consumed in moderation.