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The Instacart guide to boysenberries

About boysenberries

The boysenberry cultivar derives from a cross between a European blackberry and raspberry. While the precise nature of the boysenberry's creation remains foggy, most experts agree that Rudolph Boysen was responsible for the original crossing of cultivars.

As the story goes, Boysen abandoned his research and sold his farm. In the 1920s, reports indicated a sizable red-purple berry was growing on Boysen's old farm, and the USDA investigated with the help of local berry expert Walter Knott. Upon investigating, Knott discovered several vines struggling to survive, which he transplanted to his farm in Buena Park, California. There, Knott nursed the plants back to health and began commercially cultivating the berry.

Knott started selling the berries in 1923 out of his farm stand, and he quickly realized how popular they were. When asked the name, Knott called them boysenberries in honor of their originator. Knott used the berry at his family restaurant and pie company which ultimately evolved into Knott's Berry Farm. Eventually, Knott's Berry Farm began making boysenberry preserves which catapulted the farm into regional fame.

The boysenberry has soft skin and a delicate nature that can lead to decay within a few days of harvest if not properly picked and packaged. The juicy boysenberry has a balanced flavor of sweetness and tartness. The boysenberry can be eaten fresh as a snack or added to your favorite fruit salad. Baking with the boysenberry results in delicious pies and tarts, but its delicate nature lends best to making jams and jellies.

The flavor of boysenberries resembles its parents, the raspberry and blackberry. The blackberry's juicy sweetness shines, blending with the raspberry's strong floral character. The boysenberry has more tartness than either of its parents.

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FAQs About Boysenberries

Yes. Like all produce, boysenberries can have dirt, debris, or even insects on them. Thus, most experts recommend washing them before consumption for safety's sake.

You should never wash boysenberries until you are ready to eat them or cook with them. Washing boysenberries before storing can lead to decay quickly.

Yes. Boysenberries are a rich source of Vitamin C, which has proven to boost the immune system. Vitamin C helps the body repair and grow new tissue and strengthen bones and teeth. They also contain anthocyanin, an antioxidant that scientists have linked to many health benefits like improving brain function and preventing certain types of cancer. Boysenberries are also an excellent source of potassium, which can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

In the United States, boysenberries are cultivated primarily in Oregon and California. Boysenberries bloom in the Spring and then ripen over several months. Generally, boysenberries are harvested in July through August unless exposed to a rapid increase in temperature, which leads to faster ripening.

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