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The Instacart guide to gold nugget squash

About gold nugget squash

Gold nugget squash is a staple in many households, particularly toward the end of summer and into winter when they're in season. Gold nugget squash is a winter squash developed in 1966 by Dr. Holland in North Dakota. It won the All American Award in 1966 and was bred initially as a replacement for sweet potatoes in areas with shorter growing seasons. It grows typically as a bush and can spread rather far, yielding a large harvest in ideal conditions. 

It's pumpkin-shaped with orange flesh and a deeper orange skin, or rind; the skin is rather tough and protects the flesh. You can bake the tough skin along with the flesh or remove it before cooking. Because of the texture and lack of flavor, you should not eat the skin. You can discard it or add the cut-off skin to your compost heap. 

The flesh of gold nugget squash can be steamed, baked, roasted, boiled, or sauteed. You can prepare it with or without skin, but remove the skin before consumption. Gold nugget squash contains fiber, iron, potassium, beta-carotene, niacin, and vitamins A and C. Beta-carotene is a common nutritional component in vegetables with orange flesh. The body converts this into vitamin A, which is important for vision, cell growth, and healthy organs. 

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FAQs About Gold Nugget Squash

There's no harm in consuming gold nugget squash raw, but the flavor is not favorable. The sweet flesh is best when cooked and seasoned. Gold nugget squash is a versatile ingredient you can use in both sweet and savory dishes.

When preparing gold nugget squash to use in a recipe, you must first wash and dry the exterior. You don't need to peel it. You may cook the squash whole or split it lengthwise to remove the interior seeds and pulp. Most people prefer the second option. If cooking whole in the oven, pierce the skin with a fork or knife several times to allow steam to escape during baking. Bake halved gold nugget squash hollow-side up. You can puree the cooked squash and add it to rice, risotto, soup, curry, casseroles, pasta dishes, sauces, and chili.

The small size of the gold nugget squash is perfect for you to fill with beef, pork, chicken, grains, vegetables, or cheeses and then bake for an easy dinner. Gold nugget squash pairs well with many other ingredients, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, chard, kale, parsley, cilantro, bell pepper, and ground beef. Chopped small, you can include it in salads and tacos as either a topping or central ingredient. When highlighting the naturally sweet flavors of gold nugget squash, many people choose to use sweet and rich ingredients such as maple syrup, pecans, butter, cream, apple, and pear. Much like the sweet potato that it has been used as a substitute for, you can bake gold nugget squash as a sweet pie and serve it with coffee and whipped cream or ice cream as a delicious dessert. 
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