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Capricola Steaks Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to capicola steaks

About capicola steaks

Capicola steaks come from the pork collar up around the shoulder of the hog. The collar has an intense flavor and tenderness very similar to the loin. It has more fat than the loin, which contributes more flavor, making pork collar steaks a delectable and affordable cut.

You can roast the pork collar steak, slice it thin, dry it out, bake it, or grill this versatile cut. The pork collar has excellent marbling that sets it apart from other pork steaks. It goes by several different names like pork neck filet, Boston butt steak, and pork shoulder steak.

Your local grocer likely has already included some version of the capicola steak in their daily cutting and packaging routine. You may find the capicola steak labeled as a pork shoulder steak, pork collar steak, or even find the whole pork collar ready to roast.

Neapolitan Italians have been making capicola salami for centuries from the pork collar meat. Capicola producers take the meat from the collar and season it with red or white wine, garlic, and herbs. A spicy version adds crushed red pepper.

After seasoning, the capicola is massaged with salt before hung out to dry, intensifying the flavors. Curing time takes up to six months to complete. In some instances, producers rub the exterior with paprika for more zest. You can find capicola in your deli section. It goes by the name capocollo as well and essentially mirrors the cured beef bresaola.

Capricola Steaks Near Me

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FAQs About Capricola Steaks

The capicola steak in your grocer's meat department is cut fresh and packaged for sale, ready to cook. You won't find a cured capocollo steak, only the cured version prepared for slicing. You can ask your deli to cut your capocollo to any thickness you like. Using 0.5-inch cubes, you can skewer them on a toothpick with your favorite mozzarella cheese and a cherry tomato for a delicious, hand-passed appetizer. Using larger cubes at 1 to 2 inches thick, you can skewer them with peppers and onions for kabobs on the grill.

Finding excellent capicola starts with finding a fresh-cut steak. Look at the label and find one cut that day if possible. Fresh capicola steak should be pink to red, with the fat showing bright white. You should avoid any dull color or gray meat as this can indicate age.

The capicola steak can stay in your refrigerator for up to four days, depending on how fresh it was when you purchased it. For more extended storage, you can put the capicola steaks in vacuum-sealed packaging and freeze them. In your freezer, they will last six to eight weeks or longer.
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