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About Rhone blends

A Rhone blend is any wine made from grape varieties grown in the Rhone Valley of France. The major Appellation d'Origine Controlee (AOC) of this region is Cotes du Rhone. The region uses 27 different grapes in its winemaking. Some of the most popular include:
  • Syrah: Syrah grapes contribute to dark, full-bodied red wines. Syrah offers a distinctive aroma of smoke and pepper. The flavoring has notes of blackberry, olives, and bacon. Atop this, it can offer a touch of floral brightness. Syrah grapes are often used alone, but you can also find them in blends, particularly from the Southern Rhone Valley.
  • Grenache: Ruby red and beautifully appealing, Grenache often produces a full-bodied wine with flavors of red fruits, baking spices, wild herbs, and milk chocolate. These grapes have a high sugar content, so they're often used in sweet wines.
  • Mourvedre: Mourvedre grapes are similar to Syrah but with a fruitier flavor. Similarly dark and full-bodied, these grapes offer aromas of dark chocolate and leather. You'll find flavors of truffles, plums, and currants often accompany Rhone blends made with these grapes.
  • Viognier: One of the Rhone Valley's best-known white grapes, Viognier is an extremely aromatic variety with notes of honeysuckle, rose petal, apricot, tangerine, and orange blossom. It has citrus and stone fruit flavors and may offer an almond-like finish.
  • Roussanne: Rousanne offers an aromatic complexity with notes of honeysuckle, pear, herbs, flowers, spices, and white tea. This golden grape provides distinctive flavors of pear, honey, and roasted nuts. Rousanne is often used in a Rhone blend with Marsanne and Grenache Blanc.
  • Marsanne: Marsanne is another golden-hued grape from the Rhone Valley that has much in common with Rousanne. It has aromatic notes of pears, roasted nuts, spices, and flowers. The primary flavors that emerge from Marsanne are quince, mandarin orange, and apricot. This grape is often featured in a Rhone blend with Roussanne and Viognier.
  • Grenache Blanc: This white wine grape produces wines with a high alcohol content and low acidity. It features aromatic notes of baking spices and anise. Its flavor is reminiscent of citrus and green apples.
While some Rhone blend wines do come from the Rhone Valley, others are produced elsewhere and simply feature these particular grape varieties.

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