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The Instacart guide to blaufränkisch

Red wine is produced all over the world and comes in a wide variety of options. Many have heard of red wines from Italy, Spain, and France, but there's also a red wine that originates in central Europe. Blaufränkisch is a traditional red wine from Austria that is a cross between Blaue Zimmettraube and Weisser Heunisch.

Blaufränkisch's history dates back to the Austro-Hungary empire, and its name first appeared in 1862 at a Vienna exhibition. In Germany, it appeared under the name Lemberger and later in Hungary under the name Kékfrankos. Blaufränkisch has many names under its belt depending on the area in central Europe.

It occupies close to 20,000 acres in Hungary, which is larger than the Austrian land dedicated to growing these grapes. The Burgenland region in Austria is best known for growing the blaufränkisch grape. The grape is the second most well-known grape in Austria, behind the Zweigelt, which is crossed with blaufränkisch and Saint-Laurent. The blaufränkisch grape is also now produced in various parts of the world, such as Washington state, although to a lesser extent.

Austrian blaufränkisch is best grown in cooler areas and its taste is similar to Pinot Noir or Syrah. Its grapes are a bluish-black, large, and V-shaped. It is very demanding of its growing site because it needs a cooler climate for the vineyards to bud early and ripen later with generous yields.

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FAQs about blaufränkisch

The red wine blaufränkisch does not pair well with certain foods like seafood, desserts, and light options like salads. This red wine needs to be paired with a richer option like pork or red meat. It is a food-friendly wine that pairs well with most of the foods that are commonly good with other red wines, such as pinot noir.

Blaufränkisch is grown in many other areas outside of Austria and Hungary, in countries such as Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, the United States, and Canada.

Red wines are best enjoyed in large rounded glasses. Once the wines are left to decant for a bit, pour a bit of wine in your glass to take in the aromas of the particular wine. You will get the main scent and then hints of the winemaking process followed by the aroma of the aging vessel. Try it out slowly by leaving it inside your mouth, and then swallow and consider the aftertaste.