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The Instacart guide to graffiti eggplants

Graffiti Eggplant Near Me

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FAQs about graffiti eggplants

Graffiti eggplants brown quickly after slicing and at times during cooking. So how can you prevent discoloration?

Instead of using kitchenware made of reactive metals, use a stainless steel knife and cooking ware. After peeling and slicing the eggplant, submerge it in a bowl of salty water for about 20 minutes to prevent oxidation. You can also use lemon water or a tablespoon of milk in place of salt. Ensure that the pH of the cooking water is acidic. Add vinegar or some lemon juice to lower the pH and prevent the eggplant from discoloring when cooking. 

Graffiti eggplants contain antioxidants, iron, fiber, potassium, vitamins K, C, and B6, niacin, copper, manganese, and magnesium.

There are various health benefits to eating graffiti eggplants. Some of the nutrients in these vegetables are essential for the heart's functionality. The fiber in cooked eggplants helps manage cholesterol levels and promote healthy digestion. Graffiti eggplants also contain manganese, which is good for healthy bones. The anthocyanin in these fruits is also crucial in reducing the risk of contracting cancer. Some of its other benefits are improving cognitive function and weight loss management.

You can quickly identify a graffiti eggplant that has gone bad by observing its external and internal structure. When eggplant is rotting, its skin becomes wrinkly, with soft spots and sinkholes. These might cover the entire fruit or just parts of it. The stem should be green. Its browning or developing of mold shows that it's decaying.

The flesh of the eggplant is also vital in determining whether it is spoiled or not. Its color should be creamy white, not brown when cut. However, be mindful that browning of eggplant flesh can result from oxidation after it's exposed to air. This is a commonly occurring biological process in some vegetables and fruits when cut, such as apples. It is unappealing but not harmful. Browning around the seeds is also considered safe. Be keen to notice large brown patches and discoloration on parts of or in the entire flesh. This is unsafe and shows its gone bad. A mushy and spongy flesh is also an indication of a bad eggplant.