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About the oroblanco

Oroblanco means "white gold" in Spanish, which is an apt description of the fruit's pale-yellow flesh. It's a new kid on the block as far as fruits go since it has only been available on the market since the early 1980s. The idea to develop the oroblanco already started in the 1950s, though, when two citrus breeders at the University of California realized that the regular grapefruit doesn't sweeten as it should when grown outside the desert in California. This is due to a lack of heat in the main winter citrus season.

So, they set out to create a hybrid that would be sweeter. In what turned out to be a wise choice, they chose to cross the acidless Siamese Sweet pomelo with the seedy, white-fleshed Duncan grapefruit. For those who may not know, the grapefruit itself is a hybrid fruit that resulted from a crossing between a pomelo and an orange. This cross-breeding happened naturally and by accident, though. 

The crossing of the Siamese Sweet pomelo and the Duncan grapefruit worked well, as the pomelo's rather insipid taste lowered the acidity of the oroblanco, whereas the Duncan grapefruit provided an intense, distinctive taste.

Instacart grocers offer a wide variety of fresh fruits, including the sweet and nutritious oroblanco! Visit our website today and load some oroblancos in your cart to enjoy.

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