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The Instacart guide to mussels

Mussels are sought after in the culinary world and are served in many restaurants throughout the world. They're not too difficult to prepare and can be enjoyed with your favorite herbs and condiments. Mussels are also rich in nutrients and provide the protein, vitamins C and A, and iron needed for a balanced diet.

The mussel is part of the bivalve family and has a distinct, elongated shell that is not symmetrical like other mollusks'. Usually the exterior shell is a dark black, blue, or brown color, and the most common mussel you will most likely buy in the United States is the blue mussel. This mussel is the most commercially available in the country and is quite commonly found in stores.

In the U.S., we also have the zebra mussel, which is known for its invasive nature; the Capax horse mussel, found in the Pacific Ocean; and the Atlantic ribbed mussel, found from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico. To name a few other mussels, there's the yellow mussel, found from Florida to the Caribbean, the hooked mussel; found from North Carolina to the Caribbean; and the tulip mussel, found from North Carolina to the Caribbean. Mussels live in both saltwater and freshwater ecosystems, although eating freshwater mussels is not very common nowadays. Native Americans still eat freshwater mussels to this day.

Mussels are also known for being great cleaners of the ocean floor. They are so-called filter feeders because they remove bacteria, heavy metals, and toxins. Because they're cleaner fish, it's important to cook mussels thoroughly in order to kill off any bacteria or toxins the mussels have ingested. 

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FAQs about mussels

In a 3-ounce serving, there are 146 calories.

It's best to use a saute pan or wide, shallow pot so the mussels have room when cooking and aren't stacked on top of each other.

Discard any mussels that remained closed after cooking.