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The Instacart guide to Stilton cheese

About Stilton cheese

Stilton cheese has a beautiful bluish tint to it, crumbly texture, and strong flavor. Known by the moniker “the King of English cheeses,” it is well known throughout the world for its quality and taste. The blue varieties have a marbled look to them, and it is a softer cheese that separates into distinctive crumbles. There are other varieties that are not blue, which makes it a versatile cheese that has something that everyone will enjoy.

The selection of Stilton cheese via Instacart features Stilton varieties of all sizes. From the classic Stilton blue cheese to white varieties and others, sample our selection today. Try delicious raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, apricot, or other sweet fruit varieties that perfectly complement the salty cheese. Taste the delightful mixture of Stilton with other cheeses, or buy a wedge on its own. As you can see, there are also many mixtures as this type of cheese pairs very well with fruit and herbs.

This type of cheese is the most popular kind in the United Kingdom, and more than one million pounds of it is exported every year. Another name for it is “English parmesan” because of its notoriety and ubiquity. It is the only English cheese to have a certification and trademark.

It is granted the status of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This means that only three counties in England, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire, can make and sell Stilton. Other requirements for it to be considered Stilton cheese are that it must be made with local pasteurized milk. Its shape also must be cylindrical. It forms its own crust, and it is never pressed.

Stilton cheese is an English cheese that was first made in the 18th century. The story behind Stilton is more than 200 years old. Its recipe originated in the Midlands English town of Stilton, which is in Cambridgeshire— not one of the counties allowed to make the cheese. Stagecoach drivers between London and the Northern part of England bought it from the landlord at the Bell Inn.

Types of Stilton cheese include:
  • Blue: The blue variety of Stilton cheese has Penicillium Roqueforti to help create its distinct flavor and color. Only six creameries in the world are allowed to make blue Stilton cheese, so finding this variety is special. The cheese is made in open vats with pasteurized milk. It will mature in about 10 weeks.
  • White: The white variety does not have the Penicillium culture added to it. It is sold at around five weeks.

Stilton Near Me

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FAQs About Stilton

Stilton cheese is a quintessential blue cheese. Add it to any recipes that call for blue cheese. Crumble it over a salad for extra protein and a boost of flavor. Melt it into vegetable soups for more balance and deeper flavor. Slice it on a cheese board and serve it with fresh fruit and your favorite crackers.

Stilton also makes a wonderful addition on top of steak or chicken. Pasta dishes and risotto dishes complement its profile well, too. The traditional way to enjoy Stilton cheese is during the holiday season with a glass of port wine, but it can be eaten any time of the year.

Stilton cheese is a distinctive style of blue cheese. It has a strong and pungent flavor. It is buttery and nutty, and its finish is salty. The soft and crumbly blue cheese tends to stick to your palate, with a flavor that lingers. The texture is described as an open texture. It contains 35% milkfat which makes it medium rich. The flavor is milder than other types of blue cheese like Roquefort or other varieties of European blue cheese. Younger cheeses taste more acidic, while the older ones have a more subdued flavor.

Stilton cheese tastes great, and it also can be good for your health. It is a softer cheese, which means it can be easier for people to chew. It also contains calcium, which is good for your bones and teeth. It is a good source of protein to give your body the energy it needs.

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