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FAQs about lobsters

Lobster is an extraordinary source of choline. Research has shown that choline is needed for the development of memory and the brain in general. In pregnant women, mothers who consume adequate choline during pregnancy gave long-term benefits to their children's memory function. Several animal studies have also confirmed the benefits of choline during pregnancy. In the second trimester, 450 milligrams are considered an adequate choline intake, and one cup of lobster provides 26% of this amount. Therefore, lobster is very beneficial to pregnant mothers.

Lobster is a very lean protein. One cup of lobster provides nearly 28 grams of protein and relatively few calories for seafood. It provides all of the essential amino acids a human body needs. These factors, along with the substantial amount of Omega 3s, are ideal for helping lose weight. Overall, lobster is an ideal option to switch to for better protein intake and a lighter diet. 

One of the common concerns with eating lobster is allergies, as they are a common food allergen. If you have a history of shellfish allergies, then it is best to avoid it altogether. Lobsters can also have a moderate to higher mercury level, and those concerned might want to limit their lobster intake to only about six times a month or less.

It is important to note that the total diet or overall eating pattern is the most important factor for disease prevention and healthy function. It is better to eat a diet with various foods than to concentrate on only eating individual supposed superfoods as the gateway to good health.