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FAQs About Limburger

Store the cheese in the refrigerator in a tightly lidded jar. Also, the colder it is, the more likely it is that the smell will dissipate somewhat. After each use, re-wrap it in fresh plastic wrap or wax paper, wrap the entire block in foil, and store the jar in the vegetable crisper.

100 g of Limburger contains: 
  • 27 g fat, including 17 g of saturated fat
  • 327 calories, with 240 of those calories from fat
  • 90 mg of cholesterol
  • 800 mg of sodium
  • 20 g of protein
Loaded with probiotics that feed the body's good bacteria, Limburger cheese helps you keep a healthy gut. The protein in Limburger cheese helps to build healthy muscles, skin, blood, and cartilage. It contains Vitamin B and calcium, which helps build strong teeth and protects gums. Limburger cheese also nourishes and rejuvenates skin and is an excellent remedy for dry, rough hair, resulting in shiny, moisturized hair.

The bacteria Brevibacterium Linens cause the odor and the maturing process. When it is young, it's firm, crumbly, and salty. After around six weeks, the center stays firm while the edges soften. At two months, just about all of it is creamy; at three months, it's mature and has developed its pungent smell and flavor.