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Sangiovese Delivery

The Instacart guide to Sangiovese

About Sangiovese

The Sangiovese grape is Italy's most widely planted red grape variety. It is used to make a range of wines, including the ever-popular Chianti. Italians love Sangiovese across its native country since it is not typically found outside the boot-shaped peninsula. Sangiovese vineyards can be found planted in Emilia-Romagna and Puglia, but the grapes grow extremely well in the warm Mediterranean region of Tuscany.

This thick-skinned grape takes its time to ripen and mature on the vine before harvest. It has a summer growing season and is harvested late in September and early October. While many Sangiovese grapes across the world are grown in Italy, California and Australia feature many vineyards.

Sangiovese is a medium-bodied, highly acidic wine with high levels of tannin. Its flavors range from rustic to fruity, and the wines can have savory characteristics, depending on the vineyard locations. In wines made from Sangiovese, you may experience flavors of cherry, plum, and red currant, as well as smoky flavors, such as peppery tones, sweet tobacco, and black tea. 

Sangiovese Near Me

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FAQs About Sangiovese

Due to Sangiovese's innate acidity, savory features, and medium-bodied structure, it is a versatile companion to several dishes. A classic pairing with Sangiovese is anything tomato-based, such as pizza or Pasta Bolognese. Pour yourself and your guests a glass when serving rare grilled steak, roasted chicken, lamb chops, roasted pork, prosciutto, Tuscan salami, wild game dishes, Fiorentina steak, Tuscan soup with chickpeas and farro, gnocchi with sage and butter sauce, and a variety of grilled vegetables. It also matches well with aged Parmesan, Tuscan Pecorino, and provolone cheese.

For the best Sangiovese wine-tasting experience, follow the steps below:
  • Look at the wine: Before you smell or taste the wine, look at the wine carefully. Watch the way it swirls in the glass. Take notice of the particular color. Is it more dark and brooding, or does it have a fresh and vibrant vibe?
  • Smell the wine: If you've ever watched wine-tasting competitions, you may have noticed how the officials swirl and sniff the glass before taking a drink. This process allows them to understand better the aroma and scents featured in the particular wine. 
  • Taste the wine: Finally, it's time to taste the wine. Begin by taking a small sip and let it roll around in your mouth. Notice the sweetness, acidity, and flavors of the wine. Once you swallow, take note of the finish and how your mouth feels and tastes after swallowing it.
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