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Feteasca Neagra Delivery

The Instacart guide to Feteasca Neagra

While we often think of France, Italy, South Africa, and Australia as large producers of wines today, other countries are establishing themselves as erstwhile wine producers. Such is the case with the Eastern European countries of Romania and Moldova, home of the native Feteasca Neagra grape and wine varietal. 

Feteasca Neagra Near Me

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FAQs About Feteasca Neagra

Feteasca Neagra is a versatile wine that can be a wonderful companion to various foods and types of cuisines. Enjoy a glass of this robust red with most kinds of red meat, from veal and roast beef to a hearty goulash.  A traditional Romanian pairing joins Feteasca Neagra with Sarmale, minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves served with sour cream and creamy polenta. Other winning meals include such choices as oven-roasted duck, beef fillet with herb butter and oven-baked potatoes, a classic Coq Au Vin, or ratatouille. Accompany spicy entrees like enchiladas and Indian curries with Feteasca Neagra for a balanced meal partnership. 

The classic wine and cheese pairing sings here as well, complementing cheeses like ripe, creamy Camembert or a block of aged hard cheese. End a delicious meal with a glass of Feteasca Neagra and a rich chocolate mousse or lava cake. Whether you are preparing a feast for dozens or a simple meal of meaty pasta for two, let Instacart shoppers save you time and money with grocery and wine delivery to your door in as little as two hours.

Like many red wines, Feteasca Neagra is ideally served at a temperature around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the bottle to aerate for about an hour before serving to allow the rich and complex flavors to develop. 

While French and Italian vineyards are often considered when planning vacations around wine tasting, it is well worth considering planning vineyard tours in Romania, where you can taste Feteasca Neagra fresh from the production process. With nearly 4,000 years of history in winemaking, Romania's vineyards have emerged as a wonderful way to experience firsthand the heritage of Romanian winemaking.

Less than a two-hour drive from the Romanian capital city of Bucharest will deliver you to the winemaking route known as the Dealu Mare. This is Romania's premier red winemaking region, with Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Syrah in production alongside the local hero, Feteasca Neagra. Several local wineries throughout the region's villages exemplify the area's stunning local architecture and rich history. Round out your wine tourism visits with hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor pursuits around the gorgeous and verdant resort town of Sinaia.
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