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The Instacart guide to escarole

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FAQs about escarole

Once you have your escarole home from the store, begin by submerging it in cold water for a few minutes. Take it out and allow it to dry, then discard the dense outer leaves, as these hold much of the bitterness. Next, pull the leaves off the head and massage them without breaking the leaves. This movement releases an enzyme that will help to reduce the bitterness even more.

There are several ways to cook escarole that will reduce its bitterness and harness its flavor. 
  • Cook with fat such as butter, olive oil, or bacon fat.
  • Braise the escarole until tender.
  • Add acid like lemon juice, vinegar, or tomatoes to an escarole salad.
  • Cook it with spicy ingredients such as chili peppers or crushed red pepper flakes.
  • Add salt to any escarole dish to reduce its bitterness.
  • Sweat the escarole leaves in a lightly oiled pan over low heat.

Escarole closely resembles butterhead lettuce, and it can be difficult to tell them apart. To tell the difference between the two, look at their leaves. Butterhead lettuce has broad leaves that are wavy and smooth. Escarole has wide, green leaves that are slightly jagged with crumpled edges.