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About escarole

Escarole is a green leafy vegetable that looks much like spinach, lettuce, or kale. It is typically sold in bunches that resemble short wide heads of lettuce. Its color can vary between shades of dark green and hues of pale yellow. As part of the chicory family, escarole is related to endive, radicchio, and other bitter greens. Yes, this healthy and nutrient-dense vegetable is known for its bitterness. Thankfully, there are ways to tone down the bitterness without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

Native to the East Indies, escarole was first introduced in the countries of Egypt and Greece. Many references to this green vegetable can be found in several historical accounts. Today, escarole grows in a variety of climates and can be found all over the globe. It is a very popular leafy vegetable, especially in Italian cuisine.

Escarole cooks very well in a variety of soups and stews, which is one reason it's widely used in many Italian wedding soup recipes. The leaves cook quickly, and their flavor does not overpower the other aromas in the pot. As escarole warms, it turns semi-translucent, adding a beautiful element to any dish. Not only does it work well in soups, but it is also very tasty served with sausage and beans in pasta dishes or simply sauteed with olive oil.

Like any green leafy vegetable, escarole contains many nutrients with very few calories. Low in carbohydrates with zero fat, it offers an amazing amount of nutrition. Escarole is high in fiber, iron, vitamins A, K, and C, folate, zinc, and copper. Folate supports proper metabolism, whereas copper is valuable for bone, tissue, and red blood cell formation. Both minerals are extremely valuable for fetal development and can be found added to prenatal vitamins.

Along with its high nutritional value, escarole also contains many health benefits. It supports gut health due to the two types of fiber it contains, soluble and insoluble. Both of these nutrients aid in reducing constipation and provide food for good bacteria for your digestive system. They may also help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The high levels of vitamin A in escarole promote eye health, and its powerful antioxidants can help reduce inflammation. Vitamin K is well-known for supporting bone and heart health.

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