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Blenheim Orange Apple Delivery or Pickup

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About Blenheim Orange apples

The Blenheim Orange is a well-known apple variety. Its flesh is somewhat creamy white. Its texture is unlike other varieties in that it feels coarse rather than dry. The Blenheim Orange apple is yellow-gold with a few broad, broken red strips and an orange flush. The apple has a sweet crumbly texture and aromatic flavor. Blenheim Orange apples retain their color, flavor, and shape, even when baked. However, it produces a thick puree. It can be served with a variety of recipes, including French Apple Tart and Tarte Tatin.

The Blenheim Orange apple was discovered around 1740 by Mr. Kempster at Woodstock while growing against the Blenheim Park boundary wall. In 1804, the Blenheim Orange apple was renamed after the nearby Blenheim Palace, and by 1818, it began to be distributed to other parts of the world.

Different apples have different peak seasons. In most places, the Blenheim Orange apple season begins in late July through October. It is when most Blenheim Orange apples ripen, but it is impossible to specify the specific ripening date for Blenheim Orange apples. There is a difference between the ripeness and maturity of Blenheim apples. Mature apples are past their development stage and will continue the ripening process, even after picking them from the tree.

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FAQs About Blenheim Orange Apple

Apples should be harvested when mature but before peak ripening begins. However, apples for eating fresh should be left on the tree until their peak ripeness. Store only apples that are free from disease and insect damage. Blenheim Orange apples should be stored in a cool environment, usually between 34 and 40 degrees. Colder storage prolongs the life of the apple, but be careful not to let the fruit freeze. Store apples in a plastic bag with holes to allow gases to circulate.

Recent research claims that the best way to wash an apple fruit before eating it is by soaking it in a solution of water and baking soda. However, be sure to rinse it thoroughly in running water before eating it. Baking soda helps remove all pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and phosmet on the apple's surface. Peeling an apple before eating it is more effective than washing it using baking soda. 
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