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About fillet of strip

Fillet of strip, also known as New York strip or Kansas City strip, is a tender, moist, and flavorful high-end cut of beef. It comes from the beef short loin subprimal region of the animal. There is typically only one muscle in a fillet of strip, the Longissimus Dorsi, which extends from the hip bone all the way up to the shoulder blade. What gives the fillet of strip its tender flavor is its intramuscular fat, or marbling. Fillet of strips, and many other high-end cuts of beef, are assigned a quality grade that correlates with a specific amount of marbling. Typically, the higher the quality grade the more marbling there is in the fillet of strip. That marbling makes this tender piece of beef more expensive as well. 

Not all butchers cut the fillet of strip the same way. It is possible that two other muscles may end up on your fillet of strip: the Multifidus Dorsi and gluteus medius. The Multifidus Dorsi is tender and flavorful as well so if you want that part of the muscle left on, that is entirely up to you. On the other hand, the gluteus medius is a bit tougher and has a vein running through it, which is not appetizing at all.

Fillet of strip steaks can be purchased in a variety of sizes and packages. If you go to your local grocery store or supermarket, you can find them pre-packed in the meat case or you can ask for a freshly cut fillet of strip from the butcher. When choosing your fillet of strips, avoid steaks that are crooked or wavy. They should be wide and mostly straight when cut. You also want there to be at least an eighth of an inch of fat all around the edge. This will give the steak more of that delicious beefy flavor.

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