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The Instacart guide to curly parsley

About curly parsley

If you have an herb garden, you probably already know about this easy-to-grow plant. Many types of parsley can be found at your grocery store or farmer's market, such as Italian parsley and flat-leaf parsley. Curly parsley has a much stronger taste than the other varieties, but it doesn't overwhelm the taste buds. 

Curly parsley has round curly leaves that bunch up like a bouquet. Because of this look and bright green hue, curly parsley sprigs make an excellent garnish for almost any dish. As beautiful as curly parsley is as a garnish, it is also added as a seasoning in various dishes worldwide. 

Curly Parsley Near Me

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FAQs About Curly Parsley

Yes. Several factors can cause the tips of your curly parsley to turn white. Most likely, this issue stems from the parsley's growing environment. Overexposure to the sun can damage plant cells and turn the tips white. Too much wind can also harm the parsley plant, stressing it out and causing the tips to turn white or yellow. 

If the parsley plant goes through a drought period, that can also cause the leaves to change color. Most parsley growers have watering systems to compensate for the lack of rain, so something else likely caused it. No matter the cause, the white or yellow tips are safe to eat.

Professional chefs often joke that the parsley garnishing the side of the plate has more nutrition than the rest of the dish. In many cases, this can be true. A single tablespoon of parsley contains 9% of the RDA of vitamin C, 7% of the RDA of vitamin A, and 82% RDA of vitamin K. Chopping a cupful of parsley and adding it to your salad will meet or exceed the RDA of all three of these vitamins. Plus, it has 21% RDA of iron, 23% RDA of folate, and 9% RDA of potassium, all while adding flavor.
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