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The Instacart guide to little gem lettuce

About little gem lettuce

Lettuce may be one of the more underrated vegetables in terms of the nutrients it brings to our diets. Our perceptions may be partially shaped by the most common lettuce for salads, which is iceberg. You might be surprised to know that lettuce is available in an enormous number of varieties. Experiment a bit with the different lettuces coming off the world's farms, and you might find one that you just love.

One that doesn't get a lot of attention is the little gem lettuce. As the name suggests, this is a small head of lettuce, but it offers an oversized set of benefits. Here's a primer on the little gem lettuce and ways you can make it a fun and nutritious part of your diet.

Perhaps the best thing to talk about with little gem lettuce is its nooks and crannies. Slice a head of little gem lettuce in half, and you will find lots of pockets that can collect dressing and give your salad or other meal an extra boost of taste. The little gem lettuce resembles a small head of romaine. It originated in France and remains popular across Europe, but it is increasingly available in the United States.

Little gem lettuce has a sweet taste to it and has many uses in various types of salads or just as an edible garnish on your evening's entrée. Use it as you would a head of romaine lettuce or butter lettuce. It can be part of a Caesar salad, mixed with herbs, or used to create an Asian salad topped with dressing or walnuts and feta.  

The Internet offers enormous numbers of delicious little gem lettuce recipes, including little gem salad mixed with a lemon vinaigrette or walnut vinaigrette. You will also find recipes that call for grilling little gem lettuce. Because it's such a sturdy lettuce, you can slice it in half and toss it on the grill, mixing it with feta cheese, olive oil, or other toppings for taste and flavor. It's also a good addition to smoothies and soups, though make sure to add it to those as individual leaves.

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