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The Instacart guide to avocados

About avocados

Avocados have made their way into everyone's diets. This incredibly popular fruit originally came from South Central Mexico. Avocados grow on trees and are classified as berries. The trees are self-pollinating and can be propagated through grafting techniques to predict quality and quantity.

Avocados grow in tropical and Mediterranean climates in several countries. However, the most common place to find avocados is in Mexico. They are believed to have originated in Puebla, Mexico, though that belief had been challenged by fossils found in many other areas. Avocados eventually spread to Central America and South America. Spanish explorers encountered avocados in Colombia in the 15th century and brought the fruit back to Spain, spreading within Europe. Avocado trees were first planted in the United States in 1833 in Florida and were later planted in California and Hawaii. 

The name "avocado" was formally accepted by the California Avocado Association in 1915, though the word had long been in use. 

Avocados come in two varieties, domestic and native.  Domestic avocados are the ones we typically find in grocery stores. Native avocados generally have dark black skin with a large seed. They are also smaller than the typical grocery-store avocado.

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