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FAQs about Kolsch

Pilsner uses lager yeast and is the cleaner and more bitter of the two. In contrast, Kölsch uses an ale yeast which gives it a fruity flavor through fermentation and is comparatively less bitter. Despite the Kölsch yeast being an ale, it traditionally is fermented on the cooler storage like a lager.

No other beer can boast of an accord like the Kölsch Konvention, which states that a beer-style must fall into a certain bracket to be called a Kölsch. A crisp, light, top-fermented, German variety of hop-accented and filtered beer that is exclusively brewed in the Cologne region of Germany and nowhere else.

Kölsch beer originally must come only from Cologne, Germany. Still, America's craft beer scene is greatly influenced by it, and American craft beer aficionados have been sipping on American Kölsch-style beers during the warm seasons.