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About Gala apples

The Gala apple is one of the most popular varieties of apples on the market today. They are a tasty cross between a Golden Delicious and Kidd's Orange Red apple. Due to their popularity, they are one of the most extensively grown apple varieties in the world. The Gala is parent to many other favored types of apples, including the Jazz, Royal Gala, and Pacific Rose.

J.H. Kidd developed this small, flavorful apple species in New Zealand in the 1930s. The Gala apple was first commercially distributed in Europe and then introduced to the United States in the 1980s. It has surpassed the Red Delicious as the most popular apple in the U.S. today. 

Gala apples have a crisp and sweet flavor with hints of vanilla. Their thin yellow to orange skin has a red blush covering that deepens as it matures on the tree. They become sweeter in taste if harvested during their peak ripeness. Once you bite into a Gala apple, you'll discover a firm, crunchy flesh with a slight yellow hue. These delicious fruits are smaller in size than other like varieties, making them perfect for kids and for snacking.

Gala apples can be grown in both the southern and northern hemispheres, but in the United States, there are three major growing locations. Washington state, New York, and Michigan are the three top producers of Gala apples. These aromatic fruits are accessible all year round at grocery stores, fruit stands, and farmers' markets.

Boasting high levels of nutritional benefits, Gala apples are low in calories and high in fiber. Fiber can assist with lowering cholesterol levels as well as maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Galas also contain high levels of vitamins A, C, and B. Vitamin A supports bone health, improves immunity, and may lower the risk of certain types of cancers. Vitamin C also supports a healthy immune system and helps to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, and teeth. Vitamin B helps prevent infections, increases energy levels, and also supports healthy brain function.

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FAQs About Gala Apples

When storing and prepping Gala apples, remember that they are susceptible to bruising, although they are a firm fruit. Try your best not to drop them when moving them from your grocery bag to the refrigerator. If they get bruised by accident, they are still edible, but bruising can make Gala apples taste more bitter.

Keep your apples dry while storing them in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Apples stay fresher for longer periods of time in dry and cold conditions. You also don't want to store them near any strongly scented fruits or vegetables, like onions and garlic. Gala apples can easily absorb these types of pungent flavors. You don't want to bite into an apple and taste an onion! 

Gala apples can be prepared and served in a variety of ways. Not only do they taste great just as they are, but they also are perfect for fresh raw salads and dishes. Chop up a few Galas and add them to fruit salads, tossed green salads, or chopped salads. Dice them and use them to make fruit salsas or chutneys. Thinly slice them and add to various sandwiches such as chicken salad, turkey, or even hamburgers.

When cooked, Gala apples become milder in flavor and not as sweet as when consumed raw. They are the perfect pairing for stronger flavored apple varieties such as Granny Smiths, Arkansas Blacks, and Pippins in several types of baked goods. 

Other foods that go well with Gala apples are pears, winter squash, pecans, turkey, Brie, and cheddar cheese.
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