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FAQs about quince

Although it appears juicy just like an apple or pear, quince is very tough if you try to eat it raw and has a slightly sour flavor. The best way to enjoy quince is to cook it.

Some recipes claim that you need to peel quince, and although you can, its skin is smooth and thin, so you can leave it on for plenty of dishes. If you plan to remove the skin, you can do so with a vegetable peeler. When cooked, the soft flesh turns from yellow to a soft pink. Adding a little water and sugar to your cooked quince can turn the dish into a delicacy.

Because it's a fruit high in pectin, a compound used to thicken jams and jellies, quince is used to make preserves. You can also add cooked quince in small quantities to enhance apple pies or applesauce. 

Yes, you can freeze quince, although you cannot freeze the whole fruit. To freeze pieces, wash the fruit, and use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin. Cut the quince into equal-size pieces, removing the pieces from the core. Place the cut pieces into a pot, and cover with water. Turn the heat to medium, and cook until the quince begins to soften. Boil it for 45-60 minutes or until it begins to soften. Drain, and transfer the pieces into a freezer-safe plastic bag or container. It will last in the freezer for up to one year.

Also known as quince paste, quince cheese is a thick jelly made out of the pulp of quince. Usually sold in squares, it tastes sweet and is often thinly sliced and served with cheese. You can also use it as a pastry stuffing or in place of jam.