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About cherimoyas

Cherimoyas are fruit from the same family as soursop and sweetsop and grows on trees that thrive in tropical conditions. The trees are thought to have originated in South America where they were first cultivated by the Incas. They grow in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia and throughout the Andes, Central America, and in other tropical regions. They can also be grown in areas of Spain and southern Italy.

Cherimoya can also be spelled chirimoya and chirimuya and the name comes from a Quechua word that means 'cold seeds'. This is because the seeds germinate more readily at higher altitudes where the temperature is colder. The sweet creamy flesh has also earned it the nicknames of 'custard apple' and 'ice cream fruit' by which the fruit is commonly known in many English-speaking countries.

Cherimoyas are large, green fruits that can be heart-shaped, conical, or irregularly shaped. They are compound fruits that look a little like globe artichokes in both shape and texture. They have bumpy green skin and glossy black seeds inside and both are inedible. The flesh is creamy with a similar consistency to custard, as the name suggests, but some varieties have firmer flesh even when fully ripe. 

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