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The Instacart guide to beef ribs

About beef ribs

Beef ribs are a cut of beef that include the rib bones and have been rising in popularity over the years. They are slightly more affordable than their close cousin, the ribeye steak, and cook up nicely for delicious flavor. There's something primal about digging into a plate of beef ribs that makes them fun to eat. The meat's marbling means that the fat makes the meat more flavorful, and when cooked correctly, the meat will just fall off the bone. Beef ribs come in three main types, plate short ribs, back ribs, and chuck short ribs.

Plate short ribs beef ribs are the prime cut. They are by far the beefiest, meatiest ribs cut from the cow's belly with beautiful marbling and lots of flavors. A three-rib piece of plate short ribs can easily weigh in at five pounds of beef. These ribs tend to be harder to find, and you may have to visit the local butcher counter to special order them, but they're worth the effort. Plate short ribs offer the meatiness and tenderness of a brisket, served up on a stick.

The most common beef ribs are the back ribs, which come from higher up on the cow. When you think of a prime rib roast, that's where these ribs come from, and they would be the ribs you'd find in a prime rib roast if they included them. While you'd think that being near the delicious prime rib roast, these ribs would be phenomenal, they're the least expensive for a reason. The issue is that butchers try to cut as much of the meat as possible to include with a prime rib roast, thus leaving just the meat between the bones on this cut.

Chuck short ribs are common on restaurant menus because they're well-marbled, offering up a tender, tasty meal. Chuck short ribs are cut from the chuck or front shoulder of the cow. These ribs usually average about three to six inches in length and can be found both with and without the bones. Short ribs are also found in both a thicker cut and a thinner flanken-cut, or Korean, style.

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