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The Instacart guide to pastrami products

About pastrami

Usually made from beef brisket or navel, pastrami is a Romanian variety of the Turkish pastirma. You can make pastrami from turkey and lamb, although neither is as common as beef. In order to make pastrami, the raw meat is treated with brine or coarse salt to season and preserve the meat. Brine also makes the meat more flavorful and tender. Meat is typically brined for 24 hours to seal in flavor. The brined meat is then dried partially, seasoned with spices and herbs, smoked, and then steamed. Before the invention of refrigeration, pastrami was a way to preserve meat.

In the second half of the 19th century, an insurgence of Jewish immigrants brought pastrama, the Romanian variant, to the United States. It's believed that the spelling was changed to pastrami to imitate the American salami. The Romanian pastrama was initially made using goose breasts because they were cheap in Romania. Once the Jewish immigrants arrived in America, they found that beef navel was cheaper and quickly adapted the recipe to beef pastrami.

The first pastrami sandwich was served in New York by Sussman Volk, a kosher butcher, and Lithuanian immigrant. Volk's pastrami sandwich became so popular that he turned his butcher shop into a restaurant featuring delicious pastrami sandwiches. Today, you can add pastrami to your Instacart order and enjoy a similarly delicious sandwich in the comfort of your home after your Instacart shopper shops your order and delivers it to your doorstep!

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Buy your favorite pastrami online with Instacart. Order pastrami from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Pastrami

Corned beef originates from Ireland, while pastrami hails from Turkey and Romania, but they both use the same brine. Corned beef and pastrami can also be made from beef brisket, although pastrami is sometimes made from turkey, pork, or lamb. Different spices are used to flavor the two types of meat. They are also cooked differently, with pastrami being smoked and baked, while corned beef is boiled.

Salami comes from Italian roots, whereas pastrami has Turkish and Romanian origins. The two types of meat are also prepared differently. Salami is meat and seasonings stuffed into a casing, then fermented and cured before air drying. Pastrami is brined, cured, smoked, and baked. Both pastrami and salami are cured meats, which is about the only similarity.

For deli-style pastrami, you'll want to first check the sell-by date on the package. Pre-packaged and deli-counter lunch meats are required to have a sell-by date, and it's best to eat the meat within seven to 10 days of that date. Once the package has been opened, you should eat the meat within five days. Slimy meat, or meat with mold growth, should be thrown away and not consumed. If your deli meat smells off or smells like ammonia, yeast, or vinegar, you should also throw it out.
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