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Paula Red Apples Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Paula Red apple products

Paula Red apples are an attractive variety that features a dusty-red-hued skin covered with gold spots, giving them an appearance similar to well-known McIntosh apples. You can make your day easier when shopping for Paula Red apples by ordering via Instacart!

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FAQs About Paula Red Apples

Paula Red apples ripen late in the summer. As a result, these apples are typically available from late August to October. Paula Red apples ripen along with Tydeman's Early Worcester apples, another variety of McIntosh apple that is sometimes mistaken for Paula Red apples.

The texture of Paula Red apples is usually firmest right after harvesting. As the season declines, the white, firm flesh that otherwise characterizes Paula Red apples can very quickly become mealy and soft.

If you already know and love McIntosh apples but you're looking for a new variety to taste, you'll want to give Paula Red Apples a try. You can eat these apples fresh from the tree, but they're also ideal for various recipes. They're particularly great for making applesauce — you likely won't even need to add much sugar!

Paula Red apples' fleshy texture makes them perfect for sauces. Although they're not the best apples to use on their own in pies, they do work well in apple crisp recipes. All in all, the versatile Paula Red apple can be enjoyed cold or hot, in a dessert, alone as a snack, or as part of a savory dish.

Save time by shopping for Paula Red apple products via Instacart. Order Paula Red apples with Instacart today!
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