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The Instacart guide to Forelle pears

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FAQs about Forelle pears

Forelle pears make an excellent snack eaten fresh. You can slice them and serve them on salads or poach them to include in other recipes. Their sweetness makes for excellent dessert dishes, and the crisp texture holds up well in hot recipes. You can bake them in pies or tarts or dip them in chocolate, similar to strawberries. The Forelle pear's color and seasonal availability make an excellent fruit bowl for display during the holidays.

Yes, although the bag can be any type of bag. The bag will trap the ethylene gas emitted by the pears, concentrating the ripening effect. It may reduce the ripening time from one to four days, depending on how ripe they were to begin with, so check every day to avoid spoilage.

Yes. Fruit trees are exposed to the elements and can have dirt or debris when they arrive at the grocery store. Also, some farmers spray the pear trees with solutions that protect against disease and other bio-invasive threats. Most companies use environmentally friendly compounds that are harmless if ingested, but not all. Rather than leave it to chance, you should wash your pears with a gentle scrub in cool water just before using.