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About brisket points

The brisket is one of the nine cuts of a cow. There are two different cuts of brisket.

Brisket points are cut from the lower chest area or breast and are located just above the shoulder (chuck). Since these are parts of the muscle, they have a lot of connective tissue, so the correct cooking method is necessary to make them soft and tender.

The brisket consists of two muscles: the point or flat. The brisket point is the fatty portion of the brisket piece, which is called the deckle. It has more fat marbling and connective tissue than the flat cut of the brisket. It is usually made into burger meat or shredded for sandwiches and salads.

The flat cut, which can also be called the "first cut," has the fatty portion or the deckle removed, making it leaner, and it lays flat. It is the largest part of the brisket and is long and thin. Since it has a long layer of fat on top, it keeps moist when cooking. The flat cut is the cut mostly found in supermarkets.

The brisket has increased in popularity in recent times due to the increased emphasis on smoking the brisket. Smoking the brisket breaks down the connective tissue and makes it tender and soft.

Make sure to purchase briskets with a fair amount of fat in them to keep them moist while cooking. You might want to give your neighborhood butcher a heads up to save some as it is generally removed by them and used for burger meat.

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