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The Instacart guide to lamb neck

About lamb neck

Lamb neck is an inexpensive but tough cut of a lamb that requires slow, long cooking. Lamb neck may seem as though it doesn't produce much meat, but it can actually yield a lot once every scrap is made tender. Lamb neck is a type of meat eaten worldwide, and its rich taste can be combined with highly flavored ingredients and spices. Lamb neck is commonly roasted at Easter for quick cooking as chops or in stews or tagines. However, lamb is a versatile type of meat that's suitable for many different cooking methods.

Prime lamb cuts can be roasted, barbecued, and quick-cooked to prepare a quick meal. Lamb neck is available as minced meat, making it a great alternative to beef for making kebabs and burgers. Lamb neck is commonly used for preparing shepherd's pie, the most common and traditional use of lamb dishes. Lamb neck cuts are subdivided into:
  • Neck chops: Neck chops are extracted from a bone-in lamb neck and are made up of working muscle. They tend to have a lot of connective tissue. Neck chops are best suited for slow, low, and moist cooking methods to impart tenderness and flavor and break down connective tissue.
  • Neck fillet roast: The neck fillet roast is extracted from a forequarter. The forequarter is a well-used muscle containing a lot of connective tissue. Neck fillet roast is cooked using a slow and low method, but the excess fat surface must first be trimmed. Connective tissue usually melts down to provide a tender result and infuse flavor.
  • Neck rosette: Neck rosettes are lamb neck cuts with a central bone inside them. Neck rosettes contain plenty of connective tissue since they are made up of well-exercised muscle. They are best suited for slow, low, and moist cooking methods to allow the bone to impart flavor and break down the connective tissue for improved tenderness.

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FAQs About Lamb Neck

Raw lamb neck should be packaged in disposable plastic bags, but remember to contain any leakage that could contaminate cooked produce or food. Experts recommend keeping lamb neck cold during distribution to slow bacteria growth. Repackaging lamb neck before freezing it is safe. For long-term freezing, consider wrapping the storage packages to prevent freezer burn.

There are three safe ways to defrost lamb:
  • The refrigerator: Experts discourage defrosting lamb in open locations or on the counter. Neck fillet roasts can take two days or longer to defrost in the refrigerator, while lamb neck chops and rosettes can defrost within a day.
  • Cold water: To thaw lamb neck in water, be sure to put it in an airtight package. Keep changing the water every 30 minutes to allow for continued defrosting.
  • Microwave: If you defrost lamb neck in the microwave, cook it immediately after thawing because some areas may begin to cook during microwaving, which can allow bacteria to grow if the meat isn't used right away.
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