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The Instacart guide to bean sprouts

About bean sprouts

Bean sprouts contain many vitamins and minerals with positive health benefits. You can find several types of bean sprouts in grocery stores. You might see kidney bean sprouts, soybean sprouts, chickpea sprouts, pea sprouts, Adzuki sprouts, and lentil sprouts. However, you'll most commonly see mung bean sprouts.

East Asia cultivates the most mung beans, but this tasty and nutritious superfood is popular worldwide. You can find mung bean sprouts in many restaurants and grocery stores throughout the United States.

Bean sprouts have very few calories and add a tasty crunch to your meal. Bean sprouts play a prominent role in many Asian dishes. You'll find this delicious vegetable cooked in everything from stir-fry dishes and fried rice to egg roll stuffing and even soups. You don't have to cook bean sprouts to enjoy them. You can top off your favorite salad with a handful of bean sprouts for a delicious texture.

The small, round mung bean measures less than 1/4-inch in diameter with a faded green coloring. When a mung bean sprouts, a white shoot grows out several inches from one side while leaf tips begin forming from the bean itself. At this point, you can eat the bean sprout either raw or cooked.

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FAQs About Bean Sprouts

Yes, bean sprouts have many health benefits. A cup of raw bean sprouts contains only 36 calories, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and zero grams of fat. Beans sprouts are a good source of vitamin C, folate, and iron. These vitamins and minerals are believed to improve brain function and bone growth while boosting your immune system. They are also linked to healthy heart function, reduced inflammation, and the prevention of certain types of cancer. 

Yes. Bean sprouts can have bacteria on them and should be washed thoroughly before eating, especially when consuming them raw. Even cooking bean sprouts won't necessarily kill all the bacteria because most chefs add them to stir-fry dishes or soups near the end of preparation. This late addition keeps the sprouts firm and crisp but doesn't provide enough heat to kill all the bacteria that may be present.

People with compromised immune systems, including pregnant women, young children, and older adults, have a higher risk for food poisoning. Sometimes severe illness or even death can occur from eating raw or under-cooked bean sprouts. If you have any concerns you fall into this category, you should consult your physician before consuming bean sprouts, whether raw or cooked. If you do plan on eating bean sprouts, you should wash them well and cook them thoroughly.

You can save time shopping for bean sprouts by using the Instacart app! It's fast and easy. You simply add the bean sprouts to your cart and check out. After purchasing, your Instacart shopper will prepare your order. You can enjoy the convenience of same-day home delivery!
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