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About Busuioaca De Bohotin

Busuioaca De Bohotin, which translates to basil of Bohotin or the basil-scented grape of Bohotin, is a grape variety primarily grown around the small village of Bivolari in Southeast Iasi County, Romania. A few other areas cultivate this grape as well, including Pietroasele in Buzau County, Husi in Vaslui County, and Tohani in Pravoha County. Each hectare produces an average of 6 to 8 tonnes of these grapes.

Busuioaca De Bohotin grapes are also known by 72 other names including Vanata de Bohotin, Tamaioasa de Bohotin, Muscat a Petits Grains Rouge, Tamaioasa Violeta, Moscato Violetto, and Busuioaca Neagra. This grape belongs to the Muscat family, and came to Romania from Greece. This is a mutation of the white Tamaioasa grape variety.

The Busuioaca De Bohotin grape is used in various rose wines that range in color from a light onion-skin pink to pale red with tinges of violet. Its primary flavors are of basil and rose petals. Busuioaca De Bohotin grapes also have notes of strawberries, honeysuckle, peaches, and honey. Some select Busuioaca De Bohotin wines also have flavors of cantaloupe, orange zest, or incense. Wines made from Busuioaca De Bohotin can also have a very light almond aroma which adds a subtle bitterness.

The purple-hued Busuioaca De Bohotin grapes ripen at the beginning of October. They have thin skin, a spherical shape, and a medium size. Juicy and aromatic, these grapes have a distinct appeal even before they're used for winemaking. Busuioaca De Bohotin grapes have accumulated sugars that are 250-270 g/l and high acidity of 7.2 g/l sulphuric acid after ripening.

Busuioaca De Bohotin Near Me

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FAQs About Busuioaca De Bohotin

If you like Busuioaca De Bohotin but can't find a bottle available from the participating Instacart stores in your area, some similar options may suit just as well. A Zinfandel Rose is another aromatic rose wine that's dry and semi-sweet. This rose is high in sugar, making it a very popular pick for those who like a sweet wine that's easy to drink.

Provence Rose wine is a crisp, zesty rose. This is a good choice if you prefer sparkling Busuioaca De Bohotin wine, as it's also available in a sparkling variety. Provence Rose has the same rose aroma as Busuioaca De Bohotin. However, it has stronger notes of orange.

It's difficult to find a comparable wine in terms of the signature basil flavor of Busuioaca De Bohotin. However, another rose may suit if you're willing to compromise.

Busuioaca De Bohotin wines typically have an alcohol content of 12 to 12.5%. This is slightly higher than the average alcohol content for wine, which is 11.6%. You can find more information specific to your chosen wine on the label.

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