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The Instacart guide to beltfish

Beltfish is not a very well-known or sought-after fish in the United States, but it's one of the most commercially fished seafoods in the world. In countries like China, Korea, and Japan, this fish is sold in large quantities, as people enjoy cooking various dishes with it. It's always on display in markets in Asian countries, and they are laid out in rows where their silver color is a sight to see.

Beltfish fillets are available frozen and already ready to cook. This fish is appreciated for its delicate and sweet flavor and is also known by other names in English like ribbon fish, knife fish, and hairtail. In countries like Korea and China, the beltfish is cooked with spicy sauces or simply fried. In the Philippines, it's salted and dried. No matter how you enjoy it, readily available and affordable for many people around the world.

Beltfish has a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help with a variety of health matters that have to do with the heart and brain. This seafood is also commonly found in Asian markets in the United States whole on ice or already cut for rolls. You will mostly find the beltfish already frozen and filleted in stores, so it's ready to cook.

Being a fish that has yet to become popular in the U.S., it's quite an underrated seafood that is worth trying. Not only is its flesh delicate enough for sashimi, but it also has a mild, white and flaky meat. It's not very difficult to clean since it doesn't have scales, and its long and thin appearance makes it ideal for filleting. The skin is edible, and the meat is similar to a flounder with few bones. Beltfish doesn't seem to be a fussy fish to prepare, nor does it have the strong and fishy taste that many avoid.

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FAQs about beltfish

As with most seafood dishes, opt for a white wine to pair with the beltfish. Wines like Bordeaux, Coteaux du Loir, Cotes du Rhone, and wine of Corsica are just some varietals that pair well with this type of fish.

The mackerel and the white and black pomfret are similar to the beltfish in flavor and texture.