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About Malvasia

Malvasia is a category for certain varieties of red or white grapes with unique characteristics well suited for dessert, dining, and cooking wines. Originally from the Mediterranean, but now grown throughout the world, Malvasia grapes are from a family of vines with fruits ranging from red to pale green. Each type has its own taste and aroma profile.

Winegrowers primarily grow Malvasia grapes in Italy. However, Malvasia grapes, both white and red, originated in ancient Greece around the border of Turkey. Venetian merchants brought Malvasia grapes from Greece to Italy. Other places where winegrowers grow this grape are Slovenia, the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands, and the island of Madeira. California, Arizona, and New Mexico are areas where winegrowers harvest the grape in America. Australia and Brazil are other areas where winegrowers grow Malvasia.

Terroir is important for Malvasia grapes. With any grape variety, specific climate, sunshine, rain, and soil of an area create ideal growing conditions. The ideal conditions for Malvasia grapes are dry. Adjusted best to warmth, Malvasia grapes and vines prefer hot climates and arid soil with well-drained slopes.

Winegrowers consider Malvasia grapes to be moderately productive, reliable, and hardy vines. Malvasia Bianca, for example, can survive in areas where other grape varieties are more susceptible to spring frost injuries. Its late bud break protects it from the ice scourge from which early blooming grapes perish. However, Malvasia Bianca tends to grow in compact clusters, increasing its susceptibility to bunch rots. Practicing fruit ventilation, giving vines ample sunshine, and avoiding planting in shaded areas are growing techniques to help to preserve Malvasia's flavor and aroma. The winemakers who create Malvasia ferment the wine in oak barrels. This gives the wine a sweet honey, raisin, and dried fruit taste. 

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