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The Instacart guide to pluots

About pluots

Pluots come from crossing a plum and an apricot and often get confused with apriums, apriplums, or plumcots. They are all hybrids between plum and apricot, so they are technically equivalent. The plumcot and apriplum come from first-generation crossings, while the pluot and aprium derive from later generations. We have Floyd Zaiger to thank for creating the first hybrid pluot when he crossed the Japanese plum with the apricot in the late 1900s.

The exterior of the pluot has smooth skin, much like the plum. The interior flesh has a soft texture with plenty of juice and a sweet flavor without the bitterness you find in some plums. Like all stone fruit, the pluot has a hard seed buried in its center.

Many varieties of pluots on the market offer delicious sweetness with subtle differences in flavor and run the gamut on vibrant exterior colors. They include:
  • Dapple Dandy: Also called the Dinosaur Egg, it's larger than most pluots, with a pale-green or yellow skin with red spots and red or pink flesh.
  • Emerald Drop: Ranges from medium to large with green skin and yellow-orange flesh.
  • Flavor Grenade: Large and oblong with red blushing over green skin and yellow flesh.
  • Flavor Prince: Large and round with purple skin and red flesh.
  • Flavor Delight: Medium with a fuchsia-honey color and pink flesh.
  • Flavor Rich: Large and round with black skin, orange flesh, and medium sweetness.
  • Flavor Finale: Medium to large with purple to red skin, red-gold flesh, and incredibly flavorful.
  • Flavor King: Medium with burgundy skin and red flesh. It has a very sweet fruit punch flavor.
  • Flavor Queen: Medium to large with golden skin and juicy flesh.
  • Flavor Supreme: Medium and large with a purple-green skin and red, juicy flesh.
  • Early Dapple: Medium fruit with blotchy green color over red skin and pink flesh with good flavor.
  • Flavor-Fall: Large fruit with red skin, yellow flesh, and moderate flavor.
  • Splash: Very sweet small to mediumĀ fruit with a reddish-orange skin and orange flesh.
  • Geo Pride: Medium fruit with red skin, yellow flesh, and balanced sweetness that captures the plum/apricot flavor.
  • Flavorosa: Very sweet medium fruit that can be flat or round with dark purple skin, red flesh.
  • Flavor Royal: Very sweet medium fruit with purple skin, crimson flesh.
  • Flavor Heart: Very large fruit in a heart shape with black skin and yellow flesh.
  • Flavor Jewel: Sweet medium fruit that is also heart-shaped with a red blush over yellow skin, yellow flesh.
  • Raspberry Jewel: Honey-sweet medium fruit with dark red skin, bright red flesh.
  • Red Ray: Sweet medium fruit with bright red skin, orange flesh.

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