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The Instacart guide to Anna apples

Apples are sweet enough to satisfy and yet healthy enough to eat fairly often. They are also one of the most diversely cultivated fruits, with different trees around the world having blends of sweet, tangy, and sour flavors. Anna apples are a mildly sour, mostly sweet type of fruit with extra firm, crispy flesh. They are usually grown in the late spring and can be found as raw produce or in all sorts of processed products, such as jams, apple sauce, and juice.

Remember to use Instacart to get full access to all the apples and apple food products you may need for your next meal, snack, garnish, smoothie, party nibble, or dessert. For now, if you're curious about what makes this little fruit special, let's explore everything Anna apples.

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FAQs about Anna apples

Generally, yes. Even though all apples are seasonally grown (Annas are an early variety picked in June or July), a scientifically advanced method called controlled atmosphere storage is used to keep them in a fresh state for up to six months, and there are longer-term storage methods as well. CAS works so well because only one apple variety is stored in the same building with nitrogen, oxygen, and other factors besides temperature kept at optimal levels to extend freshness.

Yes, they can be used in cider, though sourer and greenish varieties are often used, such as McIntosh. If you're looking to make your own cider, you can use almost any apple variety, depending on the type of flavors you want and how well they would mix with your other cider ingredients. Anna apples would make a balanced sweet, yet tart cider.

The main appeal of Anna apples is usually how firm they are. If you can't get any raw Anna apples in a pinch, you can substitute the similar-tasting Granny Smith or Honeycrisp varieties. Granny Smith is sourer, and Honeycrisp is more syrupy sweet, but both have that same extra-crispy texture that highlights their juiciness.