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The Instacart guide to yellow corn products

About yellow corn

Yellow corn is a staple of most North American diets. It's believed to have originated in Mexico around 7,000 years ago. Corn plants gradually traveled to what is now known as America and became essential to recipes like cornmeal mush, hominy, and johnnycakes. Though corn comes in many colors, yellow corn is the most common. This is a variety of sweet corn.

Ears of yellow corn grow in pale green husks surrounded by thin silks that make a tassel at the top. One ear of corn typically has around 400 small kernels packed into neat rows. The sweet kernels pop when they're bitten into. They have a rich milky consistency when young but become tough and fibrous as the corn ages. Though yellow corn is available year-round, it's often associated with summertime. 

Corn is the top crop grown in the Americas, with over 12 billion bushels produced each year. Though some of it is used as fresh produce, corn is also an ingredient in pharmaceuticals, animal feed, ethanol, and bio-plastics.

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Buy your favorite yellow corn online with Instacart. Order yellow corn from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Yellow Corn

Yellow and white corn are extremely similar. It's the variety of corn rather than the color that determines flavor and sweetness. Corn picked at the peak season is sweetest, regardless of the color. Yellow corn has more beta carotene than white corn. This converts to vitamin A as it's digested, supporting your immune system, bone health, and eye health. 

There are many ways that you can cook corn on the cob. You can boil it, steam it, fry it in a skillet, grill it in or out of the husk, and even microwave it. Butter, salt, and pepper are all that a fresh ear of corn needs to deliver mouthwatering flavor. However, there are many other tasty preparations you might try as well. 

Mexican street corn is grilled corn coated in mayonnaise, sour cream, lime juice, cotija cheese, cilantro, salt, and chili powder. You can toss corn with tomatoes, onions, and basil to make a delicious salad, even if the corn is uncooked. Corn kernels are essential to corn fritters and corncakes, and corn works well in many types of salsa.

Corn can be considered both a vegetable and a grain. When the kernels are still on the cob, they're technically a vegetable. However, the kernels themselves, once separated from the cob, are a whole grain. For those on a low-carb diet, corn is typically thought of as a carb because one cup of corn has 41 grams of carbs. 

If you're including corn in your meal, you can order it quickly and easily through Instacart for same-day delivery in as little as 2 hours!
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