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FAQs about sardines

Canned sardines typically have a stronger fishy flavor than fresh options. However, they may taste different if they're marinated or smoked. If you're unsure about trying sardines due to their fishy flavor, there are several cooking tips you can use to combat this. For example, try mixing sardines with other foods that also have strong flavors, like tomato sauce. You can also season sardines with garlic, parsley, or other herbs to create a unique flavor. Grilled or fried fresh sardines can be seasoned with lemon juice to balance out the fishy taste.

Fresh sardines should be cooked within the first one or two days after you buy them. Canned sardines can be stored for much longer since they've already been cooked and preserved. While it's best to follow the advice on the packaging concerning how long you can store sardines, some canned varieties can be kept in a cool, dark location for up to five years and still be suitable for consumption. Fresh sardines should be kept in the refrigerator or frozen until they're cooked.

Canned sardines can be eaten cold since they have already been cooked. One popular way to eat them is on toast. Another option is to place them in a blender with a marinade or seasoning to create a pate for spreading on bread or crackers. You can also use them to season a salad dressing, such as in place of anchovies in a Caesar salad. By contrast, fresh sardines must be cooked before you can eat them. Cooking times vary depending on the recipe but usually range between two to three minutes on each side if you're frying them.