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The Instacart guide to dandelion leaves

About dandelion leaves

Dandelion is a type of flowering plant that grows in many regions of the world. The common dandelion, whose scientific name is Taraxacum Officinale, is more than a stubborn weed. For centuries, dandelion leaves have been a part of herbal medicines and are renowned for their array of medicinal properties. 

Dandelion leaves are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that you can enjoy cooked or raw. They provide vitamins A, K, and C and contain small amounts of essential B vitamins. 

Additionally, dandelion leaves contain plenty of minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The root of the dandelion offers a rich source of inulin, a kind of soluble fiber that promotes the growth and maintenance of healthy intestinal flora. Some people prefer to use dandelion root to brew a coffee replacement, but you can also eat them whole.

Dandelion leaves contain potent antioxidants, the molecules that prevent adverse effects from free radicals in the body. Their high levels of beta-carotene give you strong protection against oxidative stress and cellular damage. Herbalists often use dandelion for its diuretic effect to rid the body of excess fluids, which can lower blood pressure.

What's more, dandelion may be effective in helping to reduce inflammation, while some research suggests chicoric and chlorogenic acid may help lower blood sugar. These bioactive compounds are both found in dandelion. Inflammation is a natural response to injury and illness, but it can also lead to other health concerns when untreated. By taking a natural approach to treating inflammation, you might find that you feel better when you drink dandelion tea or consume the leaves whole.

If you plan on eating dandelion leaves, they're best when young and fresh because the leaves get increasingly bitter with age. They are still edible, particularly if you blanch them first. This process is as simple as dipping them in a pot of boiling water for one minute before transferring them to ice water.

Dandelion leaves are a versatile addition to many meals, including:
  • Salad: Look for leaves from plants that have not flowered that have the mildest flavor.
  • Pesto: The nuts and oil in pesto balance the bitterness of the leaves.
  • Spinach substitute: Substitute for spinach in quiche and frittata. Decorate your creations with dandelion flower petals or leaves.
  • Saute: You can saute dandelion leaves and mix them in a variety of dishes.

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