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About D'Anjou pears

D'Anjou Pears, also known as Anjou pears for short, is a European pear brought to the U.S. in the mid-19th century by Colonel Marshall P. Wilder. He planted the pear variety in his garden in Boston and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, the Anjou pear is one of the most popular varieties in the U.S. Consumers love the pears for their refreshingly sweet taste that includes hints of citrus, while chefs praise them for their versatility and long shelf life.

The D'Anjou pear is regarded as a medium to large pear. With its wide base that gradually tapers to a rounded, short neck, the pear has an egg-like shape. There are two cultivars of the Anjou pear: the Green Anjou and the Red Anjou pear. The Green Anjou pear is the original version of the pear. It has light green skin that, unlike most other green pears, doesn't change  color when it ripens. 

As its name suggests, the Red Anjou pear is red. Apart from the color difference, however, the Red Anjou is precisely the same as the Green Anjou. This is because the Red Anjou pear is a bud sport that naturally started to grow on Green Anjou trees. A bud sport is a part of a plant that develops differently from the rest of the plant. They may exhibit different foliage, fruit, or colors, and it is the latter morphological change that occurred in the Red Anjou pear. When people refer to Anjou pears, though, they typically have the Green Anjou in mind.

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