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The Instacart guide to Stayman apples

About Stayman apples

The Stayman apple is a medium to large, roundish-conic-shaped apple with a greenish-yellow thick skin covered almost completely with a deep red pigmentation, dark red stripes, and slight russeting. Inside, the apple has a firm, delicate, finely textured, juicy, and crisp yellowish-green flesh. The flesh provides a sweet, slightly tangy, spicy, and wine-like taste. These characteristics make the Stayman apple unique among other types of apples.

Also commonly known as the Stayman Winesap apple, Dr. Stayman developed the Stayman apple in 1866. It's believed to be a milder offspring of its parent tree, the Winesap apple, but it's slightly more prominent and more elongated. 

The Stayman apple tree is famous and superior compared to its pioneers, due to its ability to produce large quantities of medium to large-sized apples. What sets it apart from the other apple types is that the plant is a triploid, meaning it has three chromosomes compared to the usual two. It also keeps long during the winter, bears good fruit as long as it is not subjected to freezing conditions and frost, and blossoms mid-season with pink flowers compared to the traditional pinkish-white or white flowers. 

The tree grows in many soil types, including loamy, acidic, sandy, moist, rich, clay, and well-drained soil. It is also immune to cedar apple rust, requires little maintenance, is moderately drought tolerant, produces a reliable harvest every year, and is ornamental. The Stayman apple is appealing for its sweet-tart flavor, juicy flesh, texture, crimson color, wine-like taste, and crunchy bite. Winesap apples are available from mid-October through March and can be kept well in storage for up to six months or more if they are refrigerated. 

Besides eating a Stayman apple fresh, its characteristic makes it perfect for different purposes in the kitchen, including:
  • Making ciders, juice, sauces, butter, and preserves.
  • Baking and adding flavor and moisture to cakes, bread, and muffins.
  • Cooking. It can be roasted, sauteed, or baked and eaten as a dessert. Apple slices can also be incorporated in pies and tarts or added to stuffing.

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FAQs About Stayman Apple

Apples are a seasonal fruit. This means that they continue to ripen after harvesting due to the emission of ethylene. At room temperature, ethylene gas quickens ripening, lessening the apple's freshness at a faster rate. 

To prolong freshness, you need to store your apples in the refrigerator in the chiller compartment in a plastic bag with holes or cover them with a damp towel. The cold temperature slows down the production of ethylene. Don't store other vegetables in the same compartment, since the apples' ethylene can speed the ripening of other neighboring produce. When stored in a refrigerator, your apples will remain fresh for at least six months, if not longer.

Over time, the skin might scald, but the flesh quality will remain unaffected.

Below are a few signs to look out for:
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Blemishes and holes
  • A pulpy texture
  • A bland taste
  • Soft spots
  • Liquid oozing from the skin

Yes. While both are produced by mashing and pressing raw apples to extract the liquid, apple juice is filtered and pasteurized, while apple cider is neither filtered nor pasteurized. Apple cider, therefore, has a more acidic taste compared to the uniform sweet taste of apple juice.

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