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Sirloin Steaks Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to sirloin steaks

About sirloin steaks

In French, "sirloin" means "above the loin." Sirloin steak is from the sirloin, the beef section between the short loin and the round, near the cow's lower back and sides. It's right above the tenderloin, and sirloin steaks sometimes include the butt tender, the rear portion of the tenderloin. Tenderloin gets its name from its great texture, and sirloin steaks are very tender as well.

Top sirloin is also called baseball steak, center-cut sirloin, top sirloin butt, top butt, or sirloin butt. People usually use it for boneless sirloin steaks, and some people in the United States call it chateaubriand. In France, the chateaubriand is part of the butt tender or tenderloin. Top sirloin includes a triangular muscle called the biceps femoris or sirloin cap that people use to make cap steaks or coulotte steaks.

Bottom sirloin, sometimes called bottom sirloin butt, is near the cow's rear legs and belly, and it's tougher than other cuts of sirloin. One of the most popular cuts of bottom sirloin is the tri-tip. It's also called triangle steak, triangle tip steak, bottom sirloin steak, Newport steak, or Santa Maria steak. It's fairly lean, but it has a layer of fat on the outside that makes it ideal for slow cooking.

You can choose sirloin tip, also called round tip or sirloin knuckle, as well. It's located where the sirloin meets the round, near the front ends of the rear legs. Some butchers leave sirloin tip attached to the round, and others sell it with the rest of the sirloin. It looks similar to top sirloin steak, but it's not as tender because it doesn't contain as much fat. The sirloin flap is beside the tri-tip, next to the belly or flank.

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