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FAQs about bacon

Savory, delicious bacon is a culinary masterpiece that has withstood the test of time. In fact, bacon is one of the oldest examples of processed meat in the entire world. Over 2,500 years ago in China, people cooked salted pork bellies for the very first time in recorded human history. Those intrepid cooks may not have realized it at the time, but they ignited a culinary love affair that would last for centuries.

Their newfound delicacy made its way westward, where the Romans took things a step further with their own special dish called pestaso. The Romans would salt pig shoulders and then boil them with figs before seasoning them with a pepper sauce.

Bacon would go on to become a dietary staple in England, and local communities could procure dry-cured bacon from nearby farmers and butchers. This dry-cure method called for salt to be applied to meat over a period of about two weeks.

Then, in the late 18th century, John Harris made history by opening the first bacon processing plant. His plant used a unique brining solution called the "Wiltshire Cure." The Wiltshire Cure once followed dry-cure standards but then transformed into a wet cure. This wet cure required the meat to be soaked in a special brine for 5 days. This method is still in practice today and produces bacon that has an overall sweeter quality than other varieties of bacon.

Throughout the ages, humanity's passion for bacon has only increased. Bacon has evolved, and this classic part of breakfast comes in a wide array of delicious flavors and styles that can delight anyone's taste buds. No matter whether you're in the mood for some Smithfield Hometown Original Bacon or are craving Hormel Natural Hardwood Smoke Maple Bacon, Instacart shoppers can have the perfect bacon products delivered right to your door!