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The Instacart guide to Dunkel lager

Dunkel, the German word for "dark," refers to various kinds of dark German lager. Dunkel lager ranges from amber to syrupy brown in color and has a smooth flavor of malt. Most of these dark lagers came from Munich and the surrounding state of Bavaria in Germany. Dunkel lager may have recently fallen behind newer beers with more flamboyant ingredients in terms of popularity, but it's by no means inferior. If you want to enjoy a solid beer that pairs well with food, Munchner Dunkel, as it is popularly known, is still a great option.

In Bavaria, the two most popular beers are Dunkel lager and Helles. Dunkels use Munich malt, from which they get their dark color. Their very sharp malty flavor is due to decoction mashing, the special brewing technique used in this type of beer.

Bavaria isn't the only place where umber-dark beers are brewed. A variety of dark lagers are available from elsewhere in Germany and Austria. One example is bock, which has a higher alcohol content, fuller body, and maltier flavor than Dunkel lager. Vienna-style lagers are often confused with Dunkel lager, as is Marzen, a German favorite served at the famous Oktoberfest. However, these lagers are more reddish in color, with slightly more hop character.

Although the term "dunkel beer" is also synonymous with dark lagers, that term is also used for dark wheat beers such as Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel. Also called Dunkelweizen, these dark wheat beers are typically fruity and sweet with darker roasted malts than you'd find in Hefeweizen beer, their lighter counterpart.

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FAQs about Dunkel lager

Dunkel means "dark" in German, but that doesn't mean Dunkel lager and Dunkelweizen are exactly the same. The latter is a wheat ale that looks similar to Dunkel lager, with a reddish-brown color. It displays a blend of characteristics associated with Dunkel lager and Hefeweizen. Dunkelweizen also comes in chocolate and other roasted flavors similar to Dunkel lager.

One possible answer to this could be that Dunkel lager and other beers are consumed undiluted. Other alcohols are often served as mixed drinks, in which case the alcohol may be diluted with water, juice, or soda.

As a general rule, the sweeter the beer, the more calories it has. A typical 1-liter bottle of lager contains 143 calories.

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