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The Instacart guide to purple carrots

About purple carrots

While most Americans consider the carrot to be orange, carrots were originally purple or yellow. Most scientists agree that the orange carrot was likely no more than the result of a genetic mutation of the yellow carrot, not by design. The Persian Empire first domesticated purple carrots on the Iranian Plateau in the 10th century AD. Since then, purple carrot cultivation expanded to Europe and China in the 1300s. 

Orange carrots cropped up in parts of Europe during the 1500s and somehow overtook the purple carrot in Europe and eventually in North and South America. But the purple carrot remained a staple in the Middle East and Asia. Today, orange, yellow, and white carrots are considered Western carrots, while red and purple carrots are considered Eastern carrots.

Purple carrots have been in farmers' markets across the United States for years, although some viewed them with skepticism until recently. Nobody knows why purple carrots fell out of favor in the U.S. Some believe they have better flavor than orange carrots, and studies have supported this notion. Many think the purple carrot's tendency to leach its dark pigment into dishes led to its decline in popularity. Another idea stems from the fact that orange carrots are easier to grow than purple carrots.

All carrots, regardless of color, are rich in vitamins and minerals. The color of purple carrots comes from anthocyanin, a well-known antioxidant. Scientists believe that anthocyanin helps the body fight diseases like cancer and heart disease, and fight inflammatory diseases. Studies have shown that purple carrots contain twice the amount of alpha and beta carotene than orange carrots, which our body converts to Vitamin A.

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FAQs About Purple Carrots

Yes, the skin of the purple carrot is not only edible but contains the most nutrients of the entire root. You'll want to wash the dirt off before eating a purple carrot. Washing also helps remove any contaminants that may have been in the soil before harvest.

Yes. Carrots, in general, contain a lot of nutrients. Purple carrots have even more anthocyanins, which are antioxidant compounds believed to help the human body prevent and fight certain diseases. Studies have shown these agents to promote healthy cardiovascular function and significantly improve blood flow and blood vessel function. Anthocyanins are also good for fighting inflammatory conditions and can even improve cognitive function.

Purple carrots are versatile vegetables. You can consume them raw, although you should wash them first. Purple carrots make a pleasant crispy snack plain, or you can dip them in your favorite hummus blend or cheese dip. Steaming purple carrots helps them retain more nutrients than other cooking methods like broiling. You can grille purple carrots or saute them whole or in pieces. Boiling purple carrots and then whipping them results in a healthier alternative than mashed potatoes.
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